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How to choose a great lash artist?

Have you been thinking about getting your lashes done? 

You would love to get long lasting and comfortable eyelash extensions but having trouble finding the right lash salon? 

Or worse – you have had a bad experience previously with lash extensions and feel hesitant to try them again?

If this is you or someone you know, you should read this blog post and find out how to choose the right lash lash artist for you!

Firstly I recommend doing a quick google search near you, once you have found couple of pages here are the things you should focus on:

  • Does the lash artist have a portfolio, pictures of their work? 
  • Do you like their style? 
  • Is the lash artist qualified and how much experience does she have? 
  • Does she talk about natural lash health and keeping lashes clean using a professional lash cleanser? (This can usually be seen on social media posts)
  • Does their work space or salon looks clean and professional?
  • Does the salon have consent forms and policies in place before your first lash appointment?
  • Do they have reviews, what do their actual customers say about the lash services?
  • Is the price point suitable for you?

There’s this one lash quote what has always been true for me:

“Nice lashes aren’t cheap. And cheap lashes aren’t nice.”

Always do your research, quality products and education are so important in lash and beauty industry. So if you looking for quality lash extensions that last and feel and look good then stay away from the 50 dollar sets to avoid the disappointment.

I would compare your few options near you and  choose based on the previous list and even going and having a consultation before so You can feel as comfortable as possible. Also if sometimes the best lash artist You love works bit further away, make it a day for yourself to get the lashes of your dreams rather than settling on something average,  believe me the travel will be worth it. 

**Love Love Lash Sydney offers free consultations where we can discuss exactly what kind of lash set would be best suitable for your needs. Including your natural lashes, eye and face shape and lifestyle. 

Get in contact if you have any questions or feedback. 

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Love & Lashes,

The Owner and Founder of Live Love Lash Sydney

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